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Caring for your cabinetry

To clean dust and dirt from surfaces, use a clean, soft, damp cloth and dry promptly with a second clean, soft cloth. Always wipe up spills promptly with a clean, soft cloth. To clean harder-to-remove dirt and grease, use a water-soluble, non-abrasive cleaning solution such as mild-soap or dishwashing liquid: use a clean cloth dampened with a solution of water and mild soap, rinse with a clean water-dampened cloth and dry immediately with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaners, cleaners such as "Orange-Glo" or brushes or pads to clean your cabinetry. For stubborn, hard-to-remove grease, use a clean soft cloth dampened with a liquid cleaner such as Windex or mineral spirits.
Polishing is not required to maintain the natural luster of the finish and polishing materials of any kind. Waxes or chemical polishers such as Pledge may damage the surface by creating a sticky layer that attracts dirt and dust.

Door & Drawer Adjustments:

To adjust the depth offset of the door, turn the back screw right or left to achieve the desired result.
To adjust the right/left orientation of the door on the cabinet, turn the front screw right or left to achieve the desired result.
To adjust the position of the door on the height of the cabinet, loosen the top and bottom screws, approximately a half turn, and tap the hinge up or down to get the desired result. Re tighten the top and bottom screws snugly. Do not overtighten!
To adjust the height of the drawer front on the cabinet loosen the top screw a full turn, then turn the bottom screw right or left to achieve the desired result. Retighten the top screw snugly. Do not overtighten!
To adjust the right/left orientation of the drawer front on the cabinet, loosen all four of the corner mounting screws approximately a quarter turn, then bump the drawer front with your hand to the desired position. If the drawer front doesn't move with a gentle bump, loosen the corner screws a little more. Retighten all the corner screws once the desired position is acheived. Do not overtighten!